4 products that you should buy right away when a baby is on board

4 products that you should buy right away when a baby is on board


When a baby is on board, there are so many things that concern us from their daily requirements to what we should buy. If you are given with the option of buying something for them, we are sure you will shop most of the things that you think they require. So, we have prepared a list of things that you should purchase right away and are daily essentials for baby care. 

Baby care products are difficult to choose from, we know how you want the best things for your little ones. So, let us get started.


Feeding bottles are a must

When you have a baby, this product is a must. Varying in shape and size, choose the one that you think serves all the purposes perfectly. Choose from various designs to sizes. While you choose your feeding bottle, be sure to check the composition of the bottle. Always, purchase the one that is non-toxic for your baby. Products that are baby-friendly, should be your no.1 choice. You can avail exciting Mamas and Papas voucher codes on feeding products without a pocket pinch.


Baby bather and comfort tubs for a fun time

For fun and comfortable bath time, choose a baby bather or comfort tubs for them. Comfort tubs and baby bathers come in different colours, designs and sizes. Choose the one that you think is the most appropriate for your child. From cute design patterns to solid colour tones, select a sturdy bather or tub for your baby. A lot of comfort tubs comes with a folding option keeping it compact. You can get Mamas and Papas voucher codes on your baby bather or comfort tubs. Check them out today!



You should always buy a big pack of diapers for your baby. Buy a set of diapers that will last for a longer time. While choosing diapers for your baby, pick the one that has better absorbent power and does not itch. Go through the composition of the diapers if necessary. Always choose the diaper based on its comfortability, if necessary then go through other customer’s reviews on the product. Always choose the one that your baby will be comfortable in.


Towels, powder, ear wipes- other necessities of a baby

A baby is prone to have infections due to their low immunity in the beginning. So, be wise and keep aside a set of their toiletries for them. From bath towel to soap or powder, keep a set separately for them. While choosing a towel for your baby, pick the one that is comfortable and soft. Do not go for coarse material. While selecting soap, shampoo or powder, see the composition and then decide the one you want to purchase.