Best coffee shops in Buffalo New York

Best coffee shops in Buffalo New York
In search of local flavor? the best coffee shops in Buffalo
Buffalo and its suburbs have a plethora of coffee shops serving rich hot coffee, food, and warm ambiance. From the buzzing Elmwood Strip to nearby suburbs, there is an excellent array of places to hunker down for socializing, reading or taking in the local scene.
Like the fairly recent addition of breweries and distilleries to the Buffalo business landscape, there are ample places roasting coffee beans locally. What this means is ample sources of the staples for producing adult beverages of all genres.
Daily Planet Coffee Co.
Daily Planet is a cozy spot to unwind, get some work done and feel better about your carbon footprint. They are all about doing “something nice for the planet, daily,” sourcing from small Buffalo businesses and supporting local artists, hosting live music events each month. The spot emanates homey vibes, with comfortable couches, lamps, stained glass windows and art.
It offers organically sourced coffee, tea, and other beverages, along with a food menu including roughly six vegan options for lunch and dinner energy drink. The location is eco-friendly too, offering recyclable straws, lids and cutlery (and disapproving faces when you order to-go). It is also great value as all beverages are below $5 and food below $10, before special customizations. Get an energy drink to increase the intensity of your day especially while on a keto diet.
Public Espresso + Coffee
Located in the heart of downtown, Public Espresso + Coffee is bright and airy. It is located inside the renowned Hotel Lafayette and has an industrial mid-century yet modern vibe.
Sipping iced coffee, reading a book and watching cars pass by on the street through the large windows gives a big city experience that many long for in Buffalo. Public’s all-day menu –– with vegan options –– is served until 3 p.m., while coffee, donuts, and pastries are served until closing at 3 p.m. on weekends and 5 p.m. on weekdays. Some of the dishes can get pricey, with the cheapest items on the menu, mostly soups, and drinks, starting at $4. Most of the items on the menu are healthy, unique dishes you wouldn’t find in generic cafes.
If you are feeling experimental, this is the place for you.
Remedy House
At Remedy House, you step out of Buffalo and find yourself in a little cafe on the sidewalk of a quaint French town. It is a semi-outdoor space, and with ceiling-to-floor French windows, you already know the lighting is phenomenal and emphasizes the cafe’s eclectic mid-century look.
Remedy House offers a wide selection of coffee, tea and other beverages with customizable options, with all but one drink under $5. The food is a bit more expensive, depending on your budget, with most dishes ranging $10. But if economically feasible, they have some delicious delicacies. If you are planning to hunker down to get some serious work done, Remedy House is worth your buck.
But the best part was the bathroom, which is one of the best I’ve come across in Buffalo and smells like sea salt and coconut. It is decorated with green, tropical-themed wallpaper and plants and even has biodegradable toilet paper.
Grindhaus Cafe
Located in Allentown’s Historic Preservation District, Grindhaus has a warm and rugged ambience with string lights, serving the same rustic energy as a Mumford and Sons concert.
It has a sizable spread of flavorsome vegetarian and vegan options, handcrafted pour-over coffee and full-leaf teas. The menu is modestly priced with nothing exceeding $10, including food.
Café 59
Café 59, also located in Allentown, is the perfect spot when you’re looking for “art hoe” vibes, full of plants and local artists’ work.
At night it also transforms into a bar, but it doesn’t get too loud. The food menu at 59 puts all the other cafes to shame. They have an enormous selection of dishes from various cuisines, most of which can be customized to suit your dietary requirements.
It is best known for its sandwiches, most of which are burgers –– don’t be deceived by the menu –– but still slap. The menu is one of the priciest compared to the places above but offers proper sit-down meals.