Itinerary for a short trip to Istanbul

Itinerary for a short trip to Istanbul


Undisputedly regarded as the most picturesque cities on the surface of the earth, Istanbul has become one of the most visited places for vacation today. People from all nooks and corners from the world visit Istanbul and go back feeling absolutely overwhelmed with the beauty and grandeur of the place. Teeming with culture, heritage of the Ottoman and Byzantine empires and exquisite examples of Islamic architecture, there is literally no end to what someone can look at in Istanbul. From the Grand Bazaar to the Hagia Sophia, one can never really get over what Istanbul has to offer. So we have made a list of places you should be in which you can look at when you plan for a short trip to Istanbul using the Fly Dubai Coupons.


Hagia Sophia


This is a specimen of sheer architectural brilliance in the form of museum that has been restored from a church and then from a mosque. It is recommended that you should just visit the place and literally just stand in the compound to absorb its magnificent brilliance. 


The Grand Bazaar


Certainly, this place requires no real introduction. More than five hundred years old, this market sprawls over literally sixty streets and holds no less than five thousand shops, sixty restaurants, eighteen beautiful fountains and twelve magnificent mosques. The most tasteful and exquisite collection of items are found at this market, ranging from carpets, leather, ceramics, souvenirs and jewelry. It is very usual to get lost in this spectacular market so one should make sure to remember the street carefully. 


Galata Tower


The Galata Tower is an excellent location in Istanbul from where you can get the most beautiful view of the city from a height. The tower is situated in the north of the Golden Horn in the Galata quarter and is at a height of nine stories with a restaurant café and nightclub. The view is breathtaking and a tour of the Galata Tower is highly recommended.


Visiting a Hamam


Another beauty in Istanbul that we personally recommend is a visit to a Turkish Hamam. It is an experience of a lifetime and getting a full body scrub is absolutely one of the most rejuvenating experiences that you can have in your life. Relaxing in a steam room to the pure din of running water and then enjoying a soapy body scrub proceeded by a sultan’s massage is an absolutely ethereal experience in life that you should definitely not miss out on. 


So quickly book your tickets to Istanbul using the Fly Dubai coupons without wasting a moment of time and experience the “The City on Seven Hills” to the fullest.